New Kicks

It’s always a good day when a gal like me gets some new gear and a couple of weekends ago I scored some new shoes while out shopping in Shibuya! The first pair is a pair of medium length (is there an actual term for these?) black boots from Zara. They were 9000 yen which is around 80 USD. They’re now the highest heel shoe I own in Japan and I hope to wear them sometime this fall (maybe out clubbing or to a fashion event!). The second pair I bought were the “Forrest Gump” Vintage Nike Cortez sneaker. In most color ways, I wouldn’t look twice at this shoe but the clean red, white and blue combination was irresistible to me. I was a little salty that all the other colors cost 8000 yen and this particular color way cost 2000 yen more but I bit the bullet and bought them. These will be the last shoes I buy for a while because of my trip to Bali! It’ll be my first time in Indonesia and I have to save some money to truly enjoy myself. I’ll be going for my Christmas vacation so in the meantime I’ll try to stay out of the thrift store 🙂 Check out my new purchases below!



Socks are from WEGO, a popular store for teen fashion in Japan. 

Outfit- Skirt: GU, Shirt: Supreme, Socks:WEGO



Wish List: Topshop heeled sandals

my obsession with Topshop has reached new heights. Spotted these pale pink beauties in Nordstrom and was instantly in love. The price tag wasn’t too bad (90 USD) but I’m hesitant to spend that much on shoes, especially if they aren’t versatile. Hopefully I can find them online for a better price (fingers crossed)! 



New purchase! Vans Sk8-his

My vans came today! I’ve been wanting a pair of sk8his for a little while and was inspired to buy a pair by all the street fashion icons I’ve seem wearing them. UO was having free shipping that day and these shoes were ONLY available in my size, so I took it as a sign that I should get them. I’ve also been trying to find a sneaker that fits my personality and this one definitely says me!