Lippie of the day: Vamp It Up

My favorite lipstick color, and one I rarely wear on a school day but I told myself “why not?” and decided to put some on. It’s from Wet n’ Wild so its super cheap, and it’s matte, which is how I like my lipsticks.
P.S. I love saying “lippie”, it makes me feel so British 😝 lol




New lippie 💄

So I went to the mall today looking to buy both heroine (the lipstick guys lol) and a nude from MAC. Friends and family had warned me about MAC employees and their poor customer service but I went in anyway. I was sad to report those rumors were true and no one would wait on me, despite their being 4 employees in the store and only 3 customers. I left and went to Macy’s where I purchased this Clinique nude lippie called “Nude Beach” and I’m happy to say the service was 100% better 😊 ANYWAYS, how does it look?