OOTD: Marigold

Hey there everyone, finally time for a new ootd post! Yesterday, I attended the Night Aquarium, an event where art, water and fish all come together to create beautiful artfully designed aquariums. I will post more about the event later but this is what I wore:

Dress: Trefac (only ¥300 😭)

Cowboy boots: ASOS

Purse: Burberry

Earrings: H&M

I just bought this purse today for ¥500! I 💛 Burberry.
My friend Sho took these pictures and he loves to shoot me when my eyes are closed 🙃🙃
Always enjoy your life. Always.

Till next time! ☕️



Just in!

My mom wanted me to buy a cream dress for a special church service and offered to pay for it ( if it was 30 dollars and under). Me being one to never give up on a offer of free clothes jumped at the chance and went to work finding a dress that fit the criteria. I found this asos “cold shoulder” dress for 32 bucks (on sale) and called it a day. I’ll post pics of me wearing it when I get a chance to put it on