My Depop Shop

As a serial impulsive shopper, I buy many garments that I simply never have worn or will never have any use for. I’ve been trying to stop this type of behavior because 1) Tokyo is expensive and 2) I’m trying to downsize my closet. I decided to create Depop shop (username is plaitwoman) with some items that I have no use for or that I don’t wear. I also posted these items on Facebook for sale groups located in the Tokyo region for more exposure. I plan on posting these items on eBay as well, but if you’re interested in purchasing anything feel free to email me at Check out some of the items in my closet below!

Sequined vest

Topshop long sleeve shirt

Vintage YSL Tee
BAPE Crewneck XXS
Guess Denim hat
Zara Denim jacket
BAPE camo hat


Wish List: Topshop heeled sandals

my obsession with Topshop has reached new heights. Spotted these pale pink beauties in Nordstrom and was instantly in love. The price tag wasn’t too bad (90 USD) but I’m hesitant to spend that much on shoes, especially if they aren’t versatile. Hopefully I can find them online for a better price (fingers crossed)! 



Wish List: Suede Button-up Skirt

Really want one of these! I’m hoping the thrift store gods bless me with one similar to the pics below because they are very expensive 😓 (the first one is from Topsop and retails $140 and the second is All Saints and retails $216). I really like the brown color, but colors such as wine red or forest green would also work. Anyway, it would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe!



All Saints