Travel: Utsumi Beach

Last month I visited my friend Aileen at Utsumi Bech, which is just a ten minute walk from her house. It was an interesting experience to say the least, with Japanese beach-goers laughing at me every time I walked by them (a couple Japanese friends I went with apologized for their behavior and said they laughed because they thought I was “cool”) and one of Aileen’s guests punching a man in the face for being disrespectful towards us. Even with all this craziness, I still had  good time and enjoyed the water and scenery. Here are some pictures I took!




My amazing weekend!

My time as a tutor-counselor for the precollege program at UMD ended with a bang! I had the pleasure of going on an overnight trip to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA! I had a great time with the kids and they helped me get over my fear of roller coasters. Though it was drizzling at Water Country USA 😪, I still had a blast overall! Wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. 😊20140802-142055-51655867.jpg