Travel: Little Big World Museum of Man

Today, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most unique museums I’ve ever seen, with one of my awesome students! This outdoor museum has traditional homes from all over the world, from countries like Burkina Faso, Italy, Peru and Indonesia. There were a lot of great gift shops, where I was able to enjoy a bit of Christmas shopping, while also picking up some souvenirs for myself. I really enjoyed the Peru landlord structure the most and the murals and furniture were absolutely a dream. Here are some photos I took, enjoy!



OOTD: No Slacking

Hi everyone! I’m happy to report that after two weeks in Japan, I am settled into my apartment, have a handle at my new job and have been exploring Nagoya by myself (I took the subway by myself for the first time yesterday!). I haven’t had the chance to upload an OOTD post since moving because 1) I didn’t bring many stylish clothes to training and 2) I didn’t have my tripod yet. Now I have both so check out my latest OOTD!

Slacks: Burberry

Choker: SPINNS

Halter Top and Earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith


Got these Burberry slacks from a vintage shop in Osu, a shopping district in Nagoya. There were only 5800 yen! (around 53 USD). They are size 38 (European sizing) and when I put them on they fit like a glove. Twas meant to be.


Sometimes it’s cool when the camera doesn’t focus



OOTD: powder blue.

Yesterday I had my first official full time job interview! I interviewed at Trunk Club, a men’s apparel company for the stylist/sales rep position  . I learned a lot about the company and I had a great talk with Allison, their director of sales. Afterwards I did a bit of shopping at Metro Center and grabbed dinner with my little sister. She’s the one who took the photos so shout out to you Nkechi 😘 here is what I wore to the interview:

Pants: Thrift

Top: H&M

Shoes: Puma

Blazer: H&M




baby got back.

kerch 😊
P.S. Be on the lookout for my Zara haul I’ll be posting soon hopefully!


Poshmark Pick of the week: LBD

I can truly say this dress has been one of the most loyal pieces in my closet throughout my college years but like a lot of things, it’s time to let go (it’s not you, it’s me 😂). It’s still in amazing condition and can fit a size small. Complete with a mesh panel that sits right above the belly button, it’s a perfect dress for a night out 😎 and surprisingly sturdy for purchase from Forever 21. Check out this piece and others at





Topshop Haul

Being the smart shopper I am, I hit one of my favorite brands while they were having an online sale, that brand being Topshop. I scoured the trenches for anything I needed in my closet and anything that was dirt cheap. I ended up with two pieces one that fit each of those descriptions. The first is a grid patterned boyfriend blazer, which will be a nice addition to my business casual repertoire and can also be used for night life outfits (in the colder months like November). The second is a bright highlighter yellow crop which was only $4 so I said why the hell not. I wore it yesterday to the bar with cut offs and my black creepers and I thought it was a pretty cute outfit for that type of environment. Check out my goodies below and enjoy!



Wish List: Suede Button-up Skirt

Really want one of these! I’m hoping the thrift store gods bless me with one similar to the pics below because they are very expensive 😓 (the first one is from Topsop and retails $140 and the second is All Saints and retails $216). I really like the brown color, but colors such as wine red or forest green would also work. Anyway, it would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe!



All Saints