DIY: Faux Fur Heels

I’ve been itching to do this DIY for a while and a few days ago I said f*** it, it’s time! And I rushed over to Joann’s to buy fabric glue and faux fur. Luckily when I got there I grabbed the last black fur boa that was available and then I knew the fabric gods were looking out for me. Here is the finished product below. I might add the leftover fur I have to the ankle straps but I’m not sure yet we’ll see 😎


– a pair of single strap heels (preferably a cheap pair you don’t mind messing up)

– Fabric glue

– Fur boa (mix it up, there are so many colors at Joann’s!)



UMD Masterpiece Presents: UMD Fashion Week 2016

Its finally here! The first annual fashion week will be taking place the week of March 28th with its conclusion culminating in an amazing fashion show on April 1st. With talented young designers and awesome performances you do not want to miss this! Stay tuned for more details as we will be promoting heavily on Instagram and Twitter. Follow UMD MasTERPiece on Instagram and Twitter (@umdmasterpiece) 😁😁. Also if you like our promotional  photograph and are in the DMV area, make sure to commission Ornelle Chimi, an up and coming, talented photographer who worked with us on our promo campaign! Her Instagram for professional photographs is @ornellec. Everyone enjoy Christmas and carry on!



Late Skate 

Yesterday I attended Late Skate, one of the most creative and fun events I’ve been to in my college career. With roller skates and a dope mix of music, it was truly a perfect love child of chill and litness. Shoutout to WeSeeLions for coordinating and making this event possible. Check out some photos below of the event!



OOTD: 80 degrees

Last weekend I visited my little sister at her apartment in DC. She’s there all summer working and living there for free so naturally I’m jealous lol (she’s only a ten minute walk from Buffalo Exchange 😔). Here’s what I wore on our outing of shopping. 

Crop Top: Wet Seal

Skort: Thrift

Shoes: Thrift

Sunnies: H&M

Side Note: on our way back from shopping my shoe came apart. Luckily we were by a public library and I help it together with rubber bands supplied by the librarian. I immediately changed into my Docs when we got back, but good news: I had it fixed at a local shoe repair shop! Now they’re as good as new 😊




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arc 2
arc 3