OOTD: Pretty in Pink 

Today was a good day. Good outfit, good movie, good company, good laughs, everything was just peachy 🍑! I’ve been dying to wear this shirt I got on sale at a Zara in Shibuya, but it was thoroughly annoying when the top ruffle kept blowing in the wind and exposing my goodies to the streets of Shinjuku. I had some help from Erwan to keep my shirt down and he took some great pics of me. Check them out below! 

PS: I looove wearing pink now, I never knew how good I could look in it! Now on the lookout for different shades 🎀. 


Top: Zara

Skirt: thrift

Boots: ASOS

Earrings: ASOS

Purse: Burberry 

-PW 💕☕️


11 thoughts on “OOTD: Pretty in Pink 

    1. Hahaha the wind wasn’t on my side that day 😂, but on a serious note, I love your blog, can I post a link on my Facebook and twitter to share with the universe 🌍?

      1. Aw, thank you so much.I would appreciate that!! We should do like a collaborative blog post where we choose a color or style and we each come up with an outfit. Love your blog…and style

      2. Yeah that’s a great idea! We can do a September early fall look book or something! I like the idea, let’s cultivate it further! And thank you, I love your style too ✨🦋

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