Jewelry challenge

Recently I was tagged by, an online auction site where you can bid on beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry, to do a post on my favorite and most prized pieces of jewelry. Here they are below with stories on how I acquired each piece.


This golden belt buckle ring was found at one of my favorite thrift stores. It is so special to me because of its original shape and makes a great addition to any gold i wear!
This figure 8 necklace has so much sentimental value. It was made by my little sister in a jewelry class and gaven to me before I left for my freshman year of college.I know how much it meant to her so when she presented it to me i actually broke down in tears. Whenever I wear it, i think of her 😊
These minamalistic earrings are always a great addition to any outfit. They were only 90 cents at the same thrift store I bought the belt buckle ring from. (2nd Avenue located in Columbia, MD. They have great stuff!). When i wear these I just feel extra fashionable and funky no matter what I have on!
This bracelet was found in a market on my visit to the Republic of Benin. I recently gave it to my boyfriend who loves wearing it! I also really like the fact that it is adjustable, so i occasionally still put it on.

Make sure to visit, the number #1 online auction marketplace to find jewelry (both real and costume) at outrageously good prices!  Link below: 



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